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9 Key Traits of a Branding Expert You Should Look Out For

Written by Spyderweb | 2022

Not all branding experts are created equal, so you need to know what to look for. In this blog post, you will find the key traits of a good branding expert.

Digital branding is an essential part of any business. It can be the difference between success and failure. If you are looking for help with branding, it is important to find the right expert.

When you’re looking for a branding expert, take note of these tips and you’ll find the right one.

1. Strong analytical capacity

Brand strategy expert

Whether you are developing your brand for the first time or not, the right brand expert knows content analysis and strategy while identifying opportunities for your brand positioning.

A skilled brand specialist is also capable of analyzing data and market trends.

We must not lose sight of the fact that digital marketing must constantly adapt to the company’s objectives. As a result, the brand expert must go beyond isolated data to establish key performance indicators (KPI), or metrics that show how the brand objectives are being reached.

2. Creative problem-solving skills

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Another important trait to recognize when you want to hire a branding expert is the capacity to handle challenges creatively. Technical abilities are necessary, but so is the “spark” that contributes to creating memorable campaigns.

In the end, much of the success of branding is built on surprise and distinguishing oneself from the competition, which is especially important in these days of information overload.

As a result, a digital branding expert must be able to think outside the box and come up with new and unique methods to communicate and solve problems while sticking to your company’s brand strategy.


3. Excellent brand communication skills

Brand story experts

The goal of digital profiles is to create a relationship between the brand and the users. It is critical to target your customers’ needs and persuade them.

Similarly, your brand story expert is responsible for preserving the brand’s tone and conveying consistency, honesty and clarity at all times. Many brand story crises are simply a result of communication breakdowns.

4. Well-versed in industry and audience research

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You can tell a gold brand expert from the person’s depth of competitive and consumer research and analysis, and adaptive abilities to new market trends.

How does any brand strategist prescribe a branding solution without conducting research on your industry and target audience to fully understand the gap between the needs of the market and your product?

You know the answer-they don’t.

So, you need a brand expert that understands your niche and your product and knows how to bend the market rules in your favor. The proof is in the research and analysis efforts. 

5. Skilful development of a brand guide

brand design experts

The right brand design expert knows how to create and develop a detailed brand guide that tactfully and accurately explains and visually represents your brand’s identity and the reasons how and why your brand implements the brand strategy it adopts.

Without documentation, brand activation cannot be executed faithfully.

6. Brand and visual strategists

Brand strategy and visual strategy are heavily dependent on each other. The right brand strategy expert makes sure your choices in developing your brand and visual identity are in synergy, from colors to fonts, to illustration and visualization style, and more.

Your consumers and the general public first feed with their eyes before proceeding to invest in your product. If your brand and visual identities are conflicting, it will be hard to build a loyal community.

7. Goal-oriented and value-oriented

Each brand is based on the foundation of identity. Its goals and values are part of its communication.

A distinct trait of the right brand expert for your business is one who has outlined goals that comply with the ones you have decided for your brand.

A brand expert would:

  • Be aware of your business goal,
  • Work to understand how you operate
  • Align your goals with your brand’s authenticity
  • Express your product’s value in the most profitable way.

8. Strong organizational skills

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Another key trait of a brand expert is having a good grasp of consumer and market insights, a strong ability to organize your brand’s strategy in line with research, as well as knowing how to collaborate with and coordinate other members of the team.

9. Strong digital presence

digital branding expert

Can you imagine a brand agency or brand expert without a presence on social networks? For this reason, it would be impossible to think of someone with experience if they had not managed a website, LinkedIn profile, or, finally, a personal Facebook.

If it were a choice between two or more candidates, the one with the strongest personal online brand would be the best option.

Choosing the right brand expert is the key you need to unlock the success of your branding or rebranding effort. With these few pointers, the right branding expert will be hard to miss.

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