How To Increase Checkout Conversion With Frictionless Design

The checkout experience includes all the steps after a visitor clicks through to purchase on your site. This is a key factor that determines whether or not visitors will purchase from your site. Understanding how it can be improved to reduce cart abandonment should play an important role in your eCommerce strategy.  In this article […]

Email Newsletter | How to design effective email popup that Entices visitors

An email newsletter is a valuable tool for any online business that is serious about conversions. Think of it as the information that connects a direct line to your most valuable audience: those potential customers who are interested in what you have to offer. Emails allow you to communicate one-on-one with both new and returning […]

Data-driven Design Strategies To Remedy Your Blog Views

If you own a blog, whether it’s a personal passion project or a strategic tool for your business, then you know its sole purpose is to attract traffic and engage readers. And I’m guessing I don’t need to tell you how incredibly frustrating it is to see your organic traffic dwindle and your search rankings […]

How We Solve Bounce Rate with Data-Driven Design

Bounce rate is a metric that reveals how many visitors leave your website after viewing just a single page. It’s an important indicator of whether your website effectively captures visitors interest and keeps them engaged. Bounce rate is a window into your audience’s behavior. It tells you where they’re stumbling, what they’re ignoring, and why […]

How we helped Clear Inc. attract 140 qualified leads per month

Many businesses invest heavily in a website, hoping to turn it into a powerful lead-generation machine. But the reality is often bleak.   Think about it: the average website conversion rate is a mere 2.35%. That means for every 100 visitors to your website, only about 2 or 3 will take a desired action, like filling […]

How ARway’s engagement rate increased by 30% through data driven design and CRO

What most companies struggle with that we’ve seen from working with them is a website that doesn’t reflect the quality of their product or service.  It’s like having a salesperson who can’t explain what they’re selling or why you need it. A good website should be an extension of your marketing team, capturing leads and […]