Email Newsletter | How to design effective email popup that Entices visitors

An email newsletter is a valuable tool for any online business that is serious about conversions. Think of it as the information that connects a direct line to your most valuable audience: those potential customers who are interested in what you have to offer. Emails allow you to communicate one-on-one with both new and returning […]

Aquarobur Triples Qualified Leads in 6 Months with Spyderweb’s Website Revamp


Aquarobur is a pioneering hardware technology company specializing in advanced water monitoring solutions. Their cutting-edge devices empower organizations across various sectors to optimize water resources, gain valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions. However, their previous website didn’t fully reflect their innovative spirit or effectively capture the attention of their target audience – operation managers, directors, […]

How We Tripled Eulav Lead Generation with a Data-Driven Website

Eulav is a dedicated platform or system aiming to revolutionize buying and selling. It provides a secure payments protection platform, an escrow system ensuring transparency and guaranteed transactions for businesses, freelancers, and buyers. Eulav fosters trust and satisfaction, with the vision to achieve trust in every buying and selling transaction, empowering businesses and individuals globally. […]

How we carry out user research for SaaS companies

30% increase in qualified leads, 12% improvement in contact form conversion, reduced bounce rate, and increased time spent – that is how much impact our user research methods had on our HR SaaS client, Metta Space. The SaaS landscape is littered with casualties. Over 90% of startups fail, with only a sliver managing to cross […]