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Growth often means change. A startup finding success with a specific niche might see vast potential in expanding to a larger, potentially more lucrative market. This was the situation with Horizons.

However, transitioning from scrappy startup darling to established enterprise solution provider brings marketing challenges.


Horizons, a cutting-edge HR management platform, initially carved out a niche serving the needs of startups and small businesses.  Their solution proved highly effective, and they saw a clear opportunity to expand their reach and impact by targeting the enterprise sector.  However, their existing website, designed to appeal to startups, wasn’t resonating with the more established, risk-averse decision-makers within larger organizations.  We partnered with Horizons to bridge this gap and propel them into the competitive enterprise landscape.

Understanding the existing landscape

Before making any changes to the website, we conducted a thorough examination of how users interacted with it.

We looked at heatmaps, which are visual representations of where users click and scroll. This helped us identify areas of the website that weren’t getting much attention from enterprise-level visitors. For example, we might have seen that sections highlighting features specifically beneficial to large organizations weren’t getting many clicks. 

We also analyzed user session recordings, which capture a user’s entire journey through the website. This allowed us to see how enterprise-level visitors were navigating the site and where they were dropping off. If a high percentage of enterprise visitors were abandoning the site after visiting the landing page, it suggested that the content and messaging on that page weren’t aligned with their expectations.

Finally, we analyzed the website’s existing traffic data. This data showed us how many people were visiting the site, where they were coming from, and what pages they were viewing. However, it also revealed a key issue – while there was a steady stream of leads coming to the site, very few of them were from the desired enterprise segment.

Tailoring the website for an enterprise audience

We crafted a targeted strategy specifically designed for Join Horizons audience shift.

  1. Sophisticated redesign: Transforming the website’s look and feel to align with established enterprise expectations. This meant clean layouts, a focus on security and scalability, and a professional aesthetic.
  1. CRO-focused optimization: A/B tested various elements to refine conversion paths for the new target audience. This involved adjusting headlines, refining value propositions to speak directly to enterprise pain points, and simplifying lead capture forms to increase conversions.
  1. Content for conversion: We optimized existing content and added enterprise-focused case studies and use-cases. This established Join Horizons as a trusted solution for large organizations.
  1. Ongoing data-driven refinements: We emphasized continuous tracking of website metrics to refine the user journey and content, ensuring alignment with the new market focus.

The before and after is clear

Our data-driven approach led to a quantifiable impact on Join Horizons enterprise outreach:

  • 22% increase in conversions: More enterprise-level leads were taking desired actions like requesting demos or downloading in-depth resources.
  • 15% reduced bounce rate: This indicated that website visitors from the target audience found the redesigned site better aligned with their needs.
  • 18% increase in time on key pages: Enterprise-level visitors were spending more time exploring relevant content and product features.
  • 12% more pages viewed per session A higher average of pages viewed per session suggested improved navigation and a compelling user experience for the new target audience.

The website redesign laid a solid foundation for Join Horizon’s expansion into the enterprise sector.  By aligning their digital presence with their target audience’s expectations, we helped them attract new high-value clients while demonstrating the evolution of their brand and solution.


Horizons Before and After


Transform your website into a true asset

Outdated branding, ineffective navigation, and misaligned content aren’t just aesthetic issues. They create a ripple effect that can significantly impact your business:

  • Missed opportunities: Every visitor who bounces due to confusing navigation or irrelevant content is a potential customer lost.
  • Damaged reputation: A website that fails to reflect your company’s maturity or expertise can erode trust, especially among larger clients or those in more traditional industries.
  •  Stagnant growth: When your website isn’t actively generating leads and driving conversions, it hinders your ability to scale and reach new markets.

The good news is, these challenges aren’t permanent. With us, we understand that your website is a vital extension of your brand and a powerful tool for growth. If you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your digital presence, let’s start a conversation.  Our data-driven approach ensures a website that not only looks professional but actively fuels your business objectives.

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“Tellus leo quis tincidunt quam felis ullamcorper dictum pellentesque. Tortor ultricies nisl sed tortor dictum. Mi convallis ut nulla felis. “

Mark Stone

COO Insights LTD

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