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Smoov, a relationship management and financial tracking app designed for couples, sought to enhance their user experience. Facing low engagement and unclear navigation within their mobile app,  they partnered with Spyderweb. Our data-driven design solutions led to a significant increase in user engagement, conversions, and ultimately, a 30% boost in Smoov’s revenue.

What was Smoov Story?

Smoov is a SaaS platform that helps couples manage their shared finances and track relationship goals. Their mobile app provides tools for budgeting, expense tracking, and communication.  However when they came to us their mobile app at the time had low engagement and a confusing interface. Which must have made it difficult for their customers to fully utilize the platform.  The first good effort they made was recognizing the need for improvement and turned to us for help in user experience and data analysis. And our first step was:

We used deep data to diagnose the problem

First we took a closer look at how people were using the Smoov app. We used tools that showed us where users were tapping and swiping their screens. This helped us identify areas of the app that weren’t getting much use. We also communicated with Smoov users who left negative reviews on the app store and asked them about their experiences with the app. It helped us understand why users weren’t finding what they needed or what got them frustrated.

We got personal seeking inspirations from Smoov’s competition

We didn’t just look at similar budgeting apps. Instead, we examined apps couples already use to stay connected, like apps for messaging or planning things together. We saw how these apps made it easy for couples to communicate and share ideas. We borrowed these ideas to make Smoov more than just a place to track money; it could be a hub for couples to manage their whole life together.

Our solution using user psychology

Based on our combined data and user research, we implemented targeted design changes to address specific pain points:

1. Navigation redesign

On first look the app lacked depth and was minimalistic so we then went through several rounds of prototyping different navigation structures. We restructured the app’s primary navigation, prioritizing core actions like expense tracking and budgeting. Easy-to-understand icons and clear labels replaced ambiguous symbols, making it instantly clear where users needed to go to accomplish their goals.

2. Onboarding redesign

Smoov’s onboarding process was a major drop-off point. We streamlined it by breaking down setup into smaller, more manageable steps. Clear explanations and progress visualization replaced overwhelming information dumps, keeping users engaged and motivated to complete the process.

3. Visual hierarchy and user attention

The app’s interface lacked a clear visual hierarchy. We implemented strategic use of color, and whitespace to guide user attention towards the most important information and features.

4. Functionality changes

  • Before: The initial app focused primarily on showcasing past expenses (expense history). It lacked the ability for users to proactively manage their finances.
  • After: We completely revamped the functionality by incorporating features to add new expenses and split bills. This transformed the app into a more comprehensive financial management tool for couples. Additionally, we improved the discoverability of features designed to strengthen relationships, such as financial goal setting tools and communication features. By surfacing these functionalities within the app’s interface, we empowered couples to leverage Smoov’s full range of functionalities to build a stronger relationship.

Here’s what Smoov had to say:

“Spyderweb’s approach to design transformed our mobile app. Their solutions significantly improved user engagement and conversions – we’ve seen a remarkable impact on our bottom line.”  – Tucker Cohen, CEO Smoov

We even had a user give this review on the App store:

“My girlfriend and I used to argue about money all the time. Now it’s set it and forget it.”


Smoov before and after


Overall results

  • Increased user engagement metrics (completion rates, session times)
  • Enhanced conversion rates for subscriptions and in-app purchases
  • 30% revenue increase generated through the improved mobile app
  • Stronger user satisfaction and potential for increased word-of-mouth

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Testimony from Tucker CEO Smoov App

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Mark Stone

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“Tellus leo quis tincidunt quam felis ullamcorper dictum pellentesque. Tortor ultricies nisl sed tortor dictum. Mi convallis ut nulla felis. “

Mark Stone

COO Insights LTD

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