Revivo Triples Website Traffic and Lead Generation with Spyderweb’s Data-Driven Website Redesign

Revivo before and after Spyderweb
Revivo before and after Spyderweb


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Revivo, a Kenyan B2B marketplace revolutionizing access to consumer electronics spare parts, sought to improve its online presence and drive more qualified leads. They partnered with Spyderweb, a website design agency known for its data-driven approach and focus on user experience (UX). 

The result was a website redesign that not only enhanced the user experience but also significantly boosted Revivo’s lead generation and exceeded their expectations.

The Story of Revivo

Revivo is tackling a critical problem in the electronics repair industry by providing access to quality and affordable spare parts in Kenya, where the majority of repairs are performed by small, independent shops.

Founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to reliable repairs, Revivo aims to disrupt the traditional supply chain and empower technicians with the tools they need to offer efficient and cost-effective repair services.

Before partnering with Spyderweb, Revivo faced challenges with its website, including an unintuitive user experience, ineffective lead generation, and limited brand visibility.  Spyderweb was chosen for their expertise in user-centered design, understanding of the B2B marketplace landscape, and proven track record of boosting lead generation through website optimization.

Here’s how we reduced bounce rate, increased lead generation and website visibility for Revivo.

1. Visual hierarchy

First, we tackled visual hierarchy. A cluttered website overwhelms users. We decluttered the layout, using whitespace strategically to draw attention to key elements like CTAs (calls to action) and product information. This created a visual hierarchy that guided users towards the most important actions, like booking a repair or initiating a purchase.

2. Search functionality

We made it easy for visitors to take charge of their experience on Revivo’s new website. A prominent search bar conveniently located within the header banner empowered them to find exactly what they needed, fast. This boosted engagement and streamlined the path to a purchase.

3. Foundational SEO

Even the most impressive website is useless if no one finds it. We implemented targeted SEO strategies for Revivo to elevate Revivo’s presence in search results. Thorough keyword research, meticulous on-page optimization, and a focus on high-quality content boosted their organic rankings.

4. Compelling CTAs

CTAs are the workhorses of a conversion-focused website. We made them impossible to miss by increasing their size and incorporating high-contrast colors.

But it wasn’t just about aesthetics; we crafted action-oriented messages that explicitly told users what to do next, whether it’s “Book a Repair” or “Shop Now.” Clear and concise CTAs removed any ambiguity and streamlined the user journey on Revivo.

5. Product pages that convert

Product pages are critical touchpoints for sales. We focused on two key areas for Revivo: informative content and seamless functionality. Clear, concise descriptions replaced technical jargon, ensuring visitors understood exactly what they were purchasing. High-quality product images showcased details and features from multiple angles.

Finally, we streamlined the “Add to Cart” process and contact form submission, removing any unnecessary steps that could derail a purchase.

6. A/B testing

Great design is an iterative process. We didn’t settle for initial assumptions. A/B testing allowed us to pit different variations of key elements head-to-head. This could be anything from headlines and CTAs to entire page layouts.

By presenting these variations to real users and analyzing their behavior, we gained invaluable insights into what resonated best. Data-driven decision-making helped us identify the highest performing versions, ensuring continuous optimization based on real-world user behavior.

Revivo, Revivo Triples Website Traffic and Lead Generation with Spyderweb’s Data-Driven Website Redesign


Data + design: A winning combination

The collaborative website redesign with Spyderweb transformed Revivo’s online presence and exceeded their expectations. Key results include:

  • A 15% reduction in bounce rate
  • A 25% increase in contact form submissions
  • An 18% improvement in conversion rate for key CTAs
  • A 12% growth in organic traffic

Revivo’s website overhaul proves that design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about understanding users and strategically guiding them toward action.

By focusing on user needs, optimizing lead generation processes, and improving search engine visibility, Spyderweb helped Revivo achieve its online marketing goals.

What our client had to say:

“Detailed. Spyderweb attention to details stands out through the design process We are happy with the state of our website and the feedback from our clients have been outstanding.” – Sarah Johnson, Founder, Revivo Marketplace

Wouldn’t you rather be where Revivo is now? Reach out to us for a free consultation and let’s fix those website issues affecting your business growth.

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“Tellus leo quis tincidunt quam felis ullamcorper dictum pellentesque. Tortor ultricies nisl sed tortor dictum. Mi convallis ut nulla felis. “

Mark Stone

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