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Is Influencer Marketing Good for Your SaaS Small Business?

Written by Spyderweb | 2023

With the boom in Social Media marketing around the world in recent years, influencer marketing has become a fundamental ally for most companies. Above all, when it comes to Small businesses  (or small and medium-sized companies) that have a reduced budget and need to quickly position themselves in the market.

Thanks to its excellent results, influencer marketing has become extremely popular. Digital marketing agencies, in fact, include influencer marketing within their services, and there are even influencer marketing agencies that are specifically dedicated to developing this type of strategy.

But planning an influencer marketing campaign for Small businesses  is not as easy as it seems. To achieve success, it is necessary to surround yourself with specialists and have some knowledge and skills…

In this article, we leave you some useful tips and advice so that you can put together an influencer marketing campaign for small businesses.

What is influencer marketing?

We could say, in a few words, that influencer marketing is the practice of working with influential and relevant people on different social networks, with the aim of promoting products or services, or to generate a greater brand presence . And, although sometimes it seems like a little useful tool, it is actually very necessary in these times.

With social media, advertising changed forever. In fact, different studies show that approximately 70% of brand engagement comes from the work done with influencers . So, it is logical that the decision to promote products or services through influential people on different social networks is becoming more and more common, right?

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What are the advantages of influencer marketing for a SME?

In addition to generating an increase in the engagement of brand profiles, influencer marketing for small businesses generates a series of advantages that you definitely should not miss if you want to boost your sales:

1. Improve your brand reputation

Influencer marketing for SaaS businesses can be very useful to reinforce branding and make your brand known and inspire some confidence in your target audience. If your campaign with influencers is successful, you will also be able to get new followers, and more views and interactions on your profile.

Remember that, to achieve this, it is essential that you choose the right influencer . But don’t worry! We will address this issue later in the article.

2. Reach your target audience without advertising investment

Users of digital platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter are increasingly reluctant to invasive advertisements. For this reason, although it is advisable to carry out paid campaigns and hire the services of advertising specialists (especially in Google Ads ), it is also advisable to carry out actions with influencers. Like it or not, it’s a fresh and engaging way to reach thousands of users and promote your brand, which requires little (or no) investment.

3. Target specific niches

Another benefit of influencer marketing for Small businesses  is that it allows you to reach specific niches very easily. This is because each influencer is unique, and has a highly segmented audience. In fact, there are more and more influencers who have become benchmarks within specific areas. There are influencers specialized in fashion, nutrition, sports, finance… No matter what audience you target, there will always be an influencer who can promote your brand. It’s just a matter of doing the right research.

4. Increase traffic to your website and your conversions

Lastly, influencer marketing for small businesses really drives a ton of traffic and conversions. Remember that the influencers’ followers fully trust them. Therefore, if they promote your brand correctly, you will soon get more visits to your website and sales.

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What type of influencer to choose for a Saas Business?

As we said before, to achieve good results it is essential to choose the right influencer for our brand . And, although it seems easy, it is actually quite a complicated job. There are thousands of influencers on the different digital platforms, who address different audiences, with particular desires, desires, fears and needs… The possibilities are almost endless.

Logically, which influencer to choose will depend on your objectives and your possibilities (that is, your available budget for the campaign). Generally, the budget of Small businesses  is usually somewhat tight. For this reason, it is best to choose to work with local micro influencers or with intermediate influencers , who have very loyal and loyal small or medium audiences. Ideally, you should work with influencers who are genuinely interested in your products or services. In this way, you can propose an exchange agreement, beneficial for both parties.

Working with mega or macro influencers is not highly recommended if your company does not yet have sufficient resources. It will be too expensive for you, and you run the risk of creating more demand than you could afford. Always remember that the best thing is for the growth of your company to be slow and constant, rather than abrupt and irregular.

How to succeed in the influence campaign of your SME?

To achieve success in your influencer marketing campaign for Small businesses , we recommend:

Define precise goals

To achieve positive results with your small business influencer marketing campaign, it is essential that you define precise objectives. Of course, a branding campaign is not the same as an action to generate more sales… Therefore, when you choose the right profile, keep your goals in mind and never doubt them.

Also, try to be very clear when you communicate with the influencers with whom you would like to work. You must tell them your objectives and the messages to communicate. Otherwise, some confusion could result and your campaign could be plagued by easily avoidable misunderstandings.

Work with local creators

Another great tip to achieve success in your influencer campaign is to work with local creators. In this way, you will not have to invest too much money in shipments or long-distance transport.

Work with a small group of a few influencers

To achieve success, we also recommend working with a small group of influencers. The best thing is that you carry out actions periodically, always with the same creators, so that the audiences become familiar with your brand and even become attached to it.

It is not highly recommended to carry out isolated actions, since it will be more expensive and you will not obtain as good results in the long run.

Trade for products or experiences

As we said earlier in this article, if your budget is tight and you offer tempting products or services, you can always offer influencers the possibility of working by exchange. It is an extremely common practice, which benefits both parties.

Analyze influencer engagement

When choosing the right influencers, it is also essential that you analyze their metrics. If you do not have a high engagement rate, it is very possible that nobody interacts with the content and that your campaign ends up failing.

Avoid fake influencers

Continuing with the previous point, it is also important that you study in detail the followers of the influencers with whom you would like to work. Unfortunately, on many occasions there are profiles that have many fake or purchased followers.

It goes without saying that it is not at all convenient to work with profiles with fake followers. This could bring several problems and definitely not be profitable at all.

Perfectly measure your influence campaign

Finally, to be successful in your influencer marketing campaign for Small businesses , it is extremely important that you measure its results. Some indicators that you should not overlook are:

  • The ROI (or Return On Investment).
  • The number of followers gained.
  • The traffic to the website.
  • The conversion rate.
  • The engagement of your account, among others.

In general terms, we can say that the strategy yielded very good results. In the first place, because it allowed the audience to be educated and provided useful information through which they were able to publicize the importance of financial planning and life insurance. In addition, it helped them build greater trust with the target audience, and increase the reach, followers, and engagement of the account.

Frequently asked questions about influencer marketing for Small businesses 

Is it profitable to do influencer marketing for an SME?

Of course! Influencer marketing campaigns for small businesses are usually extremely profitable and successful. Although, of course, the results will always depend on the factors mentioned above.

It is clear that a campaign with influencers without clear objectives, or without the correct content or influencers, will not be profitable at all and could even put your brand image at risk. Therefore, it is best to be very detailed and meticulous, and if you have the possibility, work with specialists in digital marketing.

How to find cheap influencers for Small businesses ?

Finding cheap influencers for Small businesses  is quite complicated. Although in general local micro influencers tend to be cheaper, in reality the only way to know the fees of the influencers is to contact them to ask them for a quote for the work.

Should I work with an influencer marketing agency for Small businesses ?

You should definitely work with an SMB marketing agency . Not just because it will help you do a better job. Also, because it will allow you to save a lot of time and money, and it will allow you to focus on the inside of your company.

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