Streamlining Water Monitoring Through User-Focused Redesign


Aquarobur’s website struggled to effectively communicate its brand identity, capture leads, and provide a user-friendly experience. This resulted in limited brand awareness and difficulty attracting new clients.




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Aquarobur's Needs

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Spyderweb's Solution

Spyderweb partnered with Aquarobur to implement a data-driven website redesign focused on user experience (UX) and lead generation.

Addressing Brand Misalignment:

  • Inconsistent Brand Identity: We collaborated with Aquarobur to develop a cohesive design that incorporates their brand elements like color scheme, typography, and imagery.
  • Unclear Value Proposition: Website content was crafted to clearly communicate Aquarobur’s unique offerings and competitive advantages.

Enhancing Lead Generation:

  • Targeted CTAs: Calls to action were strategically placed throughout the website, directing visitors towards specific actions that align with Aquarobur’s lead generation goals.
  • Data-Driven Strategies: Website traffic data and user behavior analysis were used to identify areas for improvement and prioritize optimization efforts.

The Redesign Process

  • Data Analysis and User Research: Website analytics, user surveys, and competitor analysis were conducted to gather insights.
  • Brand Identity Integration: The website design and content were aligned with Aquarobur’s brand voice and messaging.
  • Personalizing the User Experience: User personas were created to inform the design and content strategy, ensuring the website caters to specific user needs.
  • Content Acquisition: High-quality content was developed to educate visitors about Aquarobur’s solutions and their value proposition.
  • CRM Integration: The new website was seamlessly integrated with Aquarobur’s existing CRM platform for efficient lead management.
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  • Improved Brand Alignment:
    • Increased brand recognition by 15% among website visitors (measured through a post-website launch survey).
    • Enhanced brand perception with a 10% positive shift in sentiment analysis of online brand mentions (measured through social media listening tools).
  • Lead Generation Growth:
    • Increased lead capture by 30% through website forms (tracked via website analytics).
    • Improved lead quality with a 20% increase in lead score average (measured through a lead scoring system).
    • Reduced lead nurturing time by 15% (tracked through CRM data).
  • Website Performance Enhancement:
    • Increased website traffic by 25% from search engines (tracked through Google Analytics).
    • Improved user engagement with a 10% decrease in bounce rate and a 20% increase in average time spent on site (tracked through website analytics).

Deeper Expertise

  • User Research: This project strengthened our user research capabilities, allowing them to create even more user-centric designs.
  • Niche Market Strategies: The experience gained working with Aquarobur refines our approach to targeting niche markets within similar industries.
  • Collaboration Techniques: The successful collaboration with Aquarobur enhances our ability to foster effective communication with future clients.

Overall, the Aquarobur website redesign is a testament to the power of user-focused design and data-driven strategies. By collaborating closely with Aquarobur, we were able to deliver a website that not only reflects their brand identity but also effectively captures leads and drives business growth.

“Spyderweb have been true champs with this project! With excellent design initiatives, they have helped out with creating a brand new website...”

, Aquarobur

Viktor Peterson

Project manager, Aqua Robur

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