Boosting Leads and Engagement Through a Data-Driven Website Redesign

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Arway.Ai’s website was attracting a high volume of visitors but failing to convert them into leads or paying customers. Visitors reported a poor user experience, and the website lacked clear direction towards conversion goals.






Spyderweb partnered with Arway.Ai to completely revamp their website, focusing on a data-driven approach to improve user experience, lead generation, and user acquisition.
, Arway.Ai
, Arway.Ai
, Arway.Ai

Our Approach

  • Deep Dive Discovery: Through workshops, interviews, and website analytics analysis, we identified Arway.Ai’s target audience (students, developers, agencies, corporates), their pain points, and areas for website improvement.
  • Goal Prioritization: We collaborated with Arway.Ai to define their primary goals. In this case, increasing qualified leads was the top priority.
  • Data-Backed Strategy: Using insights from discovery and analytics, we crafted a conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy. This included:
    • Website Restructuring: Revamping the information architecture and individual page structure for a more intuitive user journey.
    • Optimized User Interface: Designing a user interface that guides visitors towards desired actions, such as requesting a free trial or contacting sales.
  • Iterative Optimization: We didn’t settle for a one-time fix. We implemented changes in phases, using tools like Hotjar and A/B testing to monitor user behavior and refine the website for continuous improvement.
  • Transparency and Communication: We maintained open communication with Arway.Ai throughout the process, sharing data insights, test results, and the rationale behind recommendations. Their feedback remained crucial for success.

Tools and Technologies

  • Hotjar (website analytics)
  • Figma (website mockup)
  • WordPress (website development)
  • Wp-rocket (website performance optimization)
  • Asana (project management)
  • Slack (internal communication)
  • Loom (video presentations)
  • Google Meet (meetings)
  • Google Analytics
, Arway.Ai


  • 30% Increase in Average Time on Key Pages: Users found the website more engaging and informative.
  • 15% Increase in Qualified Lead Form Submissions: More potential customers reached out.
  • 20% Reduction in Website Bounce Rate: Users were more likely to stay and explore the website.
  • 12% Increase in Free Trial Signups: Direct user acquisition saw a significant boost.
  • 18% Increase in Contact Sales Inquiries: More qualified leads turned into sales conversations.
  • Positive User Feedback: Users appreciated the improved navigation, content, and clear calls to action.

By focusing on user experience and data-driven optimizations, the Arway.Ai website redesign exceeded expectations. The website now effectively captures leads, improves user engagement, and positions Arway.Ai for continued success in the competitive spatial computing and AR market.

Arway.Ai's website was attracting visitors, but not leads. Partnering with Spyderweb, they implemented a data-driven redesign. Results? 15% more qualified leads and a 20% drop in bounce rate. The website now converts and Arway.Ai is positioned for growth.

, Arway.Ai

Sarah K.

Arway.Ai Marketing Manager

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