Optimizing for Conversions and a New Enterprise Focus

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JoinHorizons underwent a strategic shift, targeting enterprises instead of startups. Their website needed a refresh to reflect their new branding and convert more existing leads while attracting potential enterprise clients.






We partnered with JoinHorizons to redesign their website and optimize it for conversions using a data-driven approach.
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Our Approach

  • Understanding User Behavior: We utilized heatmaps and user session recordings to analyze how existing leads interacted with the website. This helped identify areas for improvement and opportunities to optimize the user experience.
  • A/B Testing for Enterprise Relevance: We conducted A/B testing on key landing pages, focusing on elements like headlines, CTAs (call-to-action buttons), and value propositions. This ensured the website resonated with the new target audience of enterprise decision-makers while maintaining a positive experience for existing leads.
  • Data-Driven Content Optimization: We analyzed existing website content and user behavior data to identify opportunities for improvement. Content was then optimized to address the specific needs and challenges of enterprise HR professionals. This could include adding case studies showcasing successful implementations for enterprise clients or incorporating data and statistics relevant to the enterprise space.
  • Alignment with New Branding: The website design was revamped to reflect JoinHorizons’ mature and sophisticated brand identity, catering to the expectations of enterprise clientele.
  • Foundation for Future Optimization: We emphasized the importance of ongoing data analysis. By continuously monitoring user behavior and conversion rates, JoinHorizons can make data-driven decisions to further refine the website and optimize it for the evolving needs of both existing and future enterprise clients.

Key Tools and Technologies

  • Hotjar (website analytics)
  • Figma (website mockup)
  • WordPress (website development)
  • Wp-rocket (website performance optimization)
  • Asana (project management)
  • Slack (communication)
  • Loom (video presentations)
  • Google Meet (meetings)
  • Google Analytics
  • Email
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  • Increased Conversions (22%): Optimizing CTAs, forms, and messaging led to a significant rise in desired actions like requesting demos or downloading content.
  • Improved User Engagement (18% & 12%): Increased time spent on key pages and more pages viewed per session indicate a more engaging website experience.
  • Reduced Bounce Rate (15%): A lower bounce rate suggests visitors find the website informative, keeping them interested and exploring further.

Exceeding Expectations

JoinHorizons exceeded their goals for website improvement:

  • Conversion Rate: Increased by 22% (surpassed target of 15% improvement).
  • Bounce Rate: Reduced by 15% (exceeded target of 10% reduction).
  • Average Time on Key Pages: Increased by 18% (against target of 12% increase).
  • Pages Viewed per Session: Increased by 12% (exceeded target of 12% increase).

User behavior data played a central role in optimizing the website. It informed A/B testing, content optimization, and website design decisions, ensuring the experience aligned with JoinHorizons' new branding and enterprise focus.

Transformative. Spyderweb elevated our SaaS brand with strategic CRO and design. Their dedication to achieving success sets them apart. Results speak volumes – increased conversions, optimized user experience, and tangible growth. Highly recommended!

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