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Boosting Brand Awareness and Lead Generation through Data-Driven Website Optimization

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Metta Space, a new SAAS platform in the HR space, faced low website traffic, unclear value proposition, and poor user experience. This resulted in limited brand awareness and difficulty generating qualified leads.


Metta Space




We partnered with Metta Space to develop a user-friendly and engaging website that effectively communicates their value proposition and drives lead generation.
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, Metta Space

Our Approach

  • Data-Driven Website Design: User behavior data (heatmaps and session recordings) informed website design decisions. Improved navigation, UI, and overall user experience made it easier for visitors to discover Metta Space’s new product and its benefits.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): We focused on optimizing key website elements to maximize conversions throughout the user journey. This involved A/B testing CTAs, analyzing user behavior to identify potential drop-off points, and streamlining processes like form submissions.
  • Website Analytics Integration: Robust data tracking measured website traffic, user behavior, and key conversion metrics. These insights continuously guided website design and CRO efforts, ensuring the website effectively funneled users towards product information and pre-order opportunities.

Tailored Solutions

  • Web Design: Improved user experience, navigation, and CTAs for a conversion-friendly website.
  • Data & CRO: Analyzed website data, A/B tested elements, and optimized lead capture forms and landing pages.
, Metta Space

Overcoming Challenges

  • Gathering User Research Data: Recruiting participants and analyzing data can be time-consuming. Spyderweb used online surveys and remote testing platforms to streamline the process.
  • Competitor Analysis: Identifying relevant competitors and thoroughly analyzing their websites can be complex. We focused on Eulav’s core competitors for maximum insights.
  • Balancing Priorities: Clear communication, conversion optimization, and product-led growth sometimes need careful balancing. We collaborated with Eulav to prioritize and iterate on the design.

Understanding the User Landscape

  • Website traffic data and user behavior analysis pinpointed areas for improvement, informing the redesign and CRO efforts.
  • Prioritization of website updates based on metrics like bounce rates and conversion rates ensured addressing the most pressing issues first.
  • A/B testing allowed data-driven comparisons of design elements to see which ones generated more leads.
  • Measuring success after implementing changes demonstrated the effectiveness of our strategy and identified areas for further optimization.


Lead Generation:

  • 30% Increase in Qualified Leads: Optimized website content, CTAs, and lead capture forms attracted more high-quality leads.
  • 12% Improvement in Contact Form Conversion Rate: Streamlined contact forms resulted in more website visitors converting into qualified leads.

Website Traffic and Engagement (Supporting Metrics):

  • Reduced Bounce Rate (estimated 15%): Improved website navigation, user experience, and content relevance likely led to a lower bounce rate.
  • Increased Time Spent on Key Service Pages (estimated 8%): Optimized service pages with clear value propositions and engaging content resulted in deeper user engagement.

Exceeding Expectations:

  • Lead Generation: The 30% increase in qualified leads significantly expanded Metta Space’s sales pipeline.
  • Improved Conversion Rate: The 12% improvement in contact form conversion translates to more leads.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Reduced bounce rate and increased time spent on key service pages indicate a more engaging website experience.

Challenges and Overcoming Them:

  • Content Creation: Collaboration with Metta Space’s team ensured in-depth content showcased their expertise.
  • Technical SEO Integration: A thorough SEO audit and collaboration with developers ensured seamless integration of SEO best practices into the new website structure.

Key Learnings for Future Success:

  • Uncovering Hidden Expertise: We emphasized the importance of going beyond initial assumptions during client discovery to leverage hidden strengths.
  • Adaptability in Content Strategy: The content strategy was flexible to cater to unexpected audience segments that emerged during the project.
  • Collaborative Workshops for Alignment: Collaborative workshops with clients throughout the process ensured alignment on goals, target audience, and brand voice from the outset.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Data analysis plays a crucial role in adapting the strategy and optimizing results.
  • Proactive Communication Builds Trust: Maintaining open communication and transparency throughout the project is key for building trust and ensuring a successful outcome.

By implementing a data-driven approach to website design, CRO, and content strategy, we helped Metta Space achieve significant improvements in brand awareness, lead generation, and user experience. As they move forward, their website is well-positioned to attract new customers and establish Metta Space as a leader in the global HR technology space.

“Spyderweb were great to work with. They have delivered a great website, with lots of functionality and features. They were very clear on the process and what they needed from us. ”

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Alexandra Sutter


We needed a website that would really wow our customers and increase our exposure. And we definitely got that, thanks to Spyderweb. We've seen a significant increase in reservations since launching the new site.

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Liga Reinholde

Project Manager, Idol Group & TheFrame

“We had a great time working with Spyderweb! They were quick to understand our vision and make improvements that led to increased conversions and a better position for our business.”

, Metta Space

Helena Oettingen

Co-Founder, Mettaspace.

“Detailed. Spyderweb's attention to details stand out all through the design process. We are happy with the state of our website and the feedback from our clients have been breathtaking!”

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Sarah Johnson

Founder, Revivo Marketplace.

“Spyderweb did a satisfactory job for us! They improved the user experience and the general outlook of our App. Kudos!”

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Alexander Chrisostomou

Product Manager, YOKE

“Spyderweb are professional designers with a great understanding of the human behavior. Highly recommended and will happily work together again.”

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Tucker Cohen

CEO, Smoov

“Spyderweb have been true champs with this project! With excellent design initiatives, they have helped out with creating a brand new website...”

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Viktor Peterson

Project manager, Aqua Robur

"Commitment to their work was well received in their deliverables. Looking forward to working with Spyderweb again in the future! Thank you for your excellent work!"

, Metta Space

Daniel Triana

Chief Marketing Advisor ,TDS

"Syderweb is fantastic to work with. They focused on quality first and then moved the project along to completion. "

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Milly Garifullina

CEO, Milly Sells Home

"Spyderweb created a landing page that matches our brand image and optimized for target audience conversion."

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Francesco Andreoli

Venture Partner, OuiTalkTech

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