User-Centered Redesign Drives Lead Generation and User Engagement


Revivo’s website suffered from low user engagement, ineffective lead generation, and an outdated design. This resulted in limited brand awareness and difficulty attracting new clients.






Spyderweb partnered with Revivo to implement a data-driven website redesign focused on user experience (UX) and lead generation.

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Our Approach

  • Data Analysis and User Research:
    • Website Analytics Review: We analyzed website traffic, bounce rates, user demographics, and content performance to identify areas for improvement.
    • Heatmap and User Recording Analysis: We gathered insights into user behavior by visualizing clicks, scrolls, and user navigation patterns.
    • User Surveys and Interviews: We conducted surveys and interviews with Revivo’s target audience to understand their needs and pain points.
  • Information Architecture Optimization: We restructured the website’s navigation and content organization based on user needs and website goals.
  • Content Strategy Development: Created a content strategy using keyword research and user data to target relevant keywords and address user interests.
  • User-Centered Design with Figma: We implemented a user-friendly design with clear navigation, engaging visuals, and optimized CTAs (calls to action) using Figma for efficient prototyping.


  • Improved User Experience:
    • Reduced Bounce Rate by 15%
    • Increased Time Spent on Site by 20%
  • Enhanced Lead Generation:
    • Increased Contact Form Submissions by 25%
    • Improved Conversion Rate for Key CTAs by 18%
  • Measurable Impact:
    • Reduced Bounce Rate: 42% (Baseline) to 35% (Post-redesign)
    • Increased Time Spent on Site: 2.2 minutes (Baseline) to 2.6 minutes (Post-redesign)
    • Increased Contact Form Submissions: 50 submissions/month (Baseline) to 63 submissions/month (Post-redesign)
    • Improved CTA Conversion Rate: 5% (Baseline) to 6.8% (Post-redesign)
    • Increased Organic Traffic: 1,000 visitors/month (Baseline) to 1,120 visitors/month (Post-redesign)
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Exceeding Expectations

The website redesign not only achieved Revivo’s initial goals but also exceeded expectations:

  • Enhanced User Engagement: Users spent more time exploring the website, indicating deeper engagement with Revivo’s services.
  • Increased Qualified Leads: The significant rise in contact form submissions points to a larger pool of potential customers interested in Revivo’s offerings.
  • Potential Revenue Growth: Increased organic traffic suggests Revivo’s website ranks higher in search results, potentially attracting more qualified leads and contributing to future revenue growth.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Scope Creep:Established a clear communication plan and change order process to manage client expectations and maintain project focus.
  • Content Acquisition:Collaborated with Revivo to develop a content creation strategy with deadlines to ensure timely content delivery.
  • Technical Implementation:Experienced developers anticipated and addressed technical challenges during development.

Key Learnings:

  • Uncovering Hidden Expertise: User research revealed valuable insights that informed content strategy and website design.
  • Adaptability in Content Strategy: The content strategy was flexible enough to cater to unexpected audience segments discovered during the project.
  • Client Alignment: Early collaboration with Revivo fostered a shared understanding of the project goals and target audience.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Data analysis played a crucial role in guiding the website redesign and optimizing user experience and lead generation.
  • Proactive Communication: Maintaining open communication ensured transparency, trust, and successful project completion.

By implementing a data-driven approach focused on user experience and lead generation, our website redesign for Revivo resulted in significant improvements in user engagement, lead generation, and brand awareness. Revivo is now well-positioned to attract new clients and establish itself as a leader in the technology parts marketplace.

“Detailed. Spyderweb's attention to details stand out all through the design process. We are happy with the state of our website and the feedback from our clients have been breathtaking!”

, Revivo

Sarah Johnson

Founder, Revivo Marketplace.

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