Optimizing the Mobile App Experience for Couples

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Smoov, a relationship management app with social features, was experiencing low user engagement and a lackluster mobile app experience. Users were abandoning the app or not utilizing its full potential due to a confusing user interface and unclear navigation.




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Our Solution

Spyderweb, a data-driven design agency, partnered with Smoov to optimize their mobile app experience. They employed a data-driven approach that focused on:

  • Identifying User Pain Points: Using product analytics data (abandoned actions, unclear navigation), we pinpointed areas causing frustration and confusion.
  • Data-Informed Design Decisions: User data was translated into design improvements in Figma, a design software. This included streamlining workflows, optimizing layouts for mobile, and simplifying navigation.
  • Focus on User Engagement: The goal was to create a more user-friendly and intuitive app experience, leading to increased user engagement with the relationship management platform.


  • Increased User Engagement:
    • 15% increase in in-app completion rates for tasks and functionalities.
    • 30% increase in revenue.
    • 40% increase in average user session times.
    • More frequent app launches and overall usage.
  • Enhanced Conversion Rates:
    • Increased in-app purchases or choose subscription sign-ups.
    • Higher click-through rates on ad banners or promotional offers.
  • Improved User Retention: A more engaging app experience likely led to users sticking with the app for a longer period.
  • Potential Indirect Benefits: Positive word-of-mouth marketing and increased app store ratings could attract new users and further boost engagement.

Key Learnings

  • The Power of Data-Driven Design: Using user data to inform design decisions leads to user-centered solutions that address actual user needs.
  • Collaboration is Key: Working closely with the client throughout the process ensures success.
  • Data-Driven Flexibility: Adapting to new information like technical issues or user preferences is crucial.
  • Look Beyond Onboarding: Optimizing onboarding can reveal broader user experience issues.

Overall, our data-driven approach and user-centric design solutions resulted in a Smoov mobile app experience that significantly improved user engagement, conversion rates, and potentially surpassed Smoov's initial goals.

“Spyderweb are professional designers with a great understanding of the human behavior. Highly recommended and will happily work together again.”

, Smoov

Tucker Cohen

CEO, Smoov

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