Optimizing Yoke's Influencer Onboarding for Growth

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Yoke, a platform connecting brands with influencers, faced a high drop-off rate during influencer onboarding. This limited their influencer pool and hindered platform growth.


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Yoke's Needs

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Spyderweb's Solution

Data-Driven Diagnosis: We analyzed Yoke’s product data (drop-off points, time spent) to pinpoint friction areas in the onboarding journey.

User-Centric Design: Based on the data, we redesigned the onboarding flow in Figma using:

  • Shorter, multi-step forms with conditional logic
  • Clearer instructions and tooltips
  • Progress bar
  • Mobile-friendly design

A/B Testing & Iteration: A/B testing of the new design allowed for data-driven adjustments to further optimize the onboarding experience.


Increased Influencer Acquisition: The improved onboarding process led to a 78% increase in the number of influencers successfully completing onboarding.

Reduced Onboarding Time: Influencers completed onboarding 3 times faster, with the average time dropping from 12 minutes to 4 minutes.

Enhanced User Experience: Surveys revealed a 25% increase in influencer satisfaction with the onboarding process.

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Potential Impact

Increased influencer acquisition can lead to higher campaign reach and engagement, potentially impacting revenue through brand partnerships and sponsored content.

A streamlined onboarding process can create a more positive user experience for influencers, potentially leading to higher engagement on the platform (more content creation, campaign participation) and increased conversion rates for brands working with Yoke.

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Key Takeaways

Benefits for Spyderweb

This case study demonstrates our ability to leverage data analysis, user-centric design, and collaboration to optimize user journeys and achieve client goals in the influencer marketing space.

“Spyderweb did a satisfactory job for us! They improved the user experience and the general outlook of our App. Kudos!”

, Yoke

Alexander Chrisostomou

Product Manager, YOKE

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