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Website Navigation


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Website navigation is an intuitive roadmap that guides your customers through your online storefront, and let’s be honest, a confusing roadmap leads to lost customers. So in this article, we will explore some excellent website navigation that converts. But before we begin, why is having good navigation essential?

Why is Good Navigation Essential?

User Experience (UX): A smooth, intuitive navigation keeps visitors happy and engaged. Frustration leads to high bounce rates (people leaving quickly) and lost sales.

Conversions: A clear navigation will direct people to your calls-to-action (CTAs), like “Buy Now” or “Contact Us,” boosting your chances of turning visitors into customers.

List of Website Navigation That Excel




Apple Website Navigation

Now on our list of excellent website navigation examples we have the Apple store website when it comes to website navigation being straightforward is best. Apple’s navigation is simple and minimalistic, yet it still prioritizes user needs and research. It’s focused on generating conversions and leads, while ensuring visitors have easy and quick access to locate what they are searching for.

The navigation menu is located at the top center of the website, and it includes a list of Apple products. On hovering the main categories, a concise dropdown menu appears with more product listing options. Additionally, a prominent search bar is strategically placed at the right end of the navigation menu allowing visitors to look up what they need.




Nike Website Navigation

Nike uses a lot of white space, and separation which is key in navigation design. This creates a clean and uncluttered look that makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. The navigation menu is in the top of the screen, which is a prime location for user attention. The use of white space between the logo and the menu items and to the right the search bar and cart icon also helps to visually separate them and make them easier to scan.


Shopify’s Blog



Shopify blog website has a unique navigation system called two-tier or double-layer navigation. These types of Navigations are mainly seen in e-commerce websites like amazon and blog websites or news websites like New York Times. This double layered navigation gives space for more extensive information and resources.




Patagonia Navigation Menu

Patagonia has a large catalog of products, so it uses a mega menu. The top navigation bar is horizontal, and when you click on an option, a vertical mega menu appears. The mega menu includes a list of products, new arrivals, and other information. The navigation bar is well-spaced out, and it includes the Patagonia logo in the middle. The search icon, cart icon, and hamburger menu are on the right. On clicking the hamburger menu there is a full screen menu that completely expands over the website giving you links to other pages like its customer service and what Patagonia is about.





Lastly, another great navigation example is Twitter. It uses a vertical navigation bar that lists search, notifications, and other options.


Website navigation is one of the main pillars of a good user experience that ensures brand loyalty, high conversions, retention and revenue. Therefore, it should be your top priority.

To achieve this, start by planning everything down to the last detail. Do it on paper first. Having a well-thought-out structure for your website navigation is the first step to creating a well-organized website. If you have a content-heavy website, define which types of website navigation work best together.

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“Tellus leo quis tincidunt quam felis ullamcorper dictum pellentesque. Tortor ultricies nisl sed tortor dictum. Mi convallis ut nulla felis. “

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