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What most companies struggle with that we’ve seen from working with them is a website that doesn’t reflect the quality of their product or service.  It’s like having a salesperson who can’t explain what they’re selling or why you need it. A good website should be an extension of your marketing team, capturing leads and nurturing them towards a sale.

Our growth marketing company helps bridge that gap by creating data-driven websites that convert visitors into customers. In fact, on average, we see a 15% increase in qualified leads for our clients after a website redesign. This translates to real numbers – more phone calls, more form submissions, and more sales conversations.

In this case study, we’ll explore how we transformed ARway’s website from a confusing maze to a lead generation machine.


ARway, a cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) spatial mapping platform, recognized that its original website was underperforming. The design lacked engagement, the messaging failed to connect, and overall, it wasn’t effectively converting visitors. To address these challenges, they partnered with an experienced growth marketing agency , Spyderweb to transform their online presence.

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Initial issues with ARway’s original website included:

  • Uninspiring design: A static, cluttered layout with an unexciting headline couldn’t convey the dynamic potential of AR technology.
  • Immediate focus on technology: While highlighting AR was important, this approach overlooked the core pain points of ARway’s target audience (e.g., businesses in retail, entertainment, etc.).
  • Lack of value proposition: The website didn’t effectively answer the question: “Why does your product exist and how does it solve my problems?”
  • Conversion barriers: User behavior data collected from heatmaps and click recordings, revealed a complex menu structure. Multiple dropdowns likely overwhelmed visitors and hindered them from finding crucial information.

Our data-driven redesign strategy

Spyderweb didn’t rely on guesswork when tackling ARway’s website revamp. Here’s how data and design came together:

  1. Informing design with user insights: The decision to analyze user behavior data was crucial. Heatmaps and click recordings pinpointed areas of low engagement and confusion. These insights guided the redesign process and resulted in the following:

    • Simplified navigation: The complex menu structure was streamlined to improve user experience and reduce friction points in the conversion funnel.
  2. Elevating design and messaging

    • Visual impact: Replacing static imagery with a dynamic AR experience showcase was a game-changer. Visitors are immediately drawn into the possibilities of ARway’s technology.
    • Concise and impactful headline: The new headline, “One Platform. Endless AR Possibilities” emphasizes the platform’s breadth of applications and its potential to solve a multitude of problems for various industries.
    • Animated explainer video: Adding a visually engaging explainer video would likely provide a quick and clear overview of ARway’s benefits, further reducing the barrier to entry for new visitors.
    • Card-based design: The use of tiles or cards breaks up key information, allowing for easy digestion and improved scannability.
  3. Prioritizing the user journey

    • Pain-point focused storytelling: The new website prioritizes addressing objections and solving user pain points. It presents ARway as a guide that simplifies complex spatial concepts and offers solutions to common frustrations within AR implementation.
    • Lead qualification: The “Request a Demo” CTA demonstrates a focus on qualifying leads. Instead of pushing for immediate signup, this approach ensures ARway is engaging with those most likely to convert into paying customers.

The revamped website didn’t just look better; it performed better.

ARway’s redesigned website experienced significant improvements across key metrics. The strategic changes  contributed to:

  • Increased conversion rates: The focus on clarity, addressing objections, and optimized CTAs increased the percentage of visitors taking desired actions. Users loved the easy navigation and valuable information the new site provided and led to 30% increase in time spent on important pages.
  • Reduced bounce rate: Better visual hierarchy and improved navigation likely kept users engaged, resulting in 20% reduced bounce rate.
  • Improved lead quality: The “Request a Demo” CTA increased the number of qualified leads expressing interest in ARway’s platform which led to 15% growth in qualified leads, 12% more free trial signups and 18% growth in sales inquiries


ARway before and after Spyderweb

These results and more are yours…if you want it

At Spyderweb, we believe websites aren’t just pretty online brochures. They are powerful engines for lead generation, brand awareness, and achieving your business goals. Let us help you tap into the power of data-driven design to drive your business forward.

We enjoyed working with Arway, and we want to work with you too. Book a free 1:1 strategy call today and start converting more visitors into customers.

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“Tellus leo quis tincidunt quam felis ullamcorper dictum pellentesque. Tortor ultricies nisl sed tortor dictum. Mi convallis ut nulla felis. “

Mark Stone

COO Insights LTD

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