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Are you treating your website with the same care as your marketing budget? Many businesses optimize ad spending. They pour resources into content creation and craft compelling social media campaigns. But, they neglect the very platform where it all comes together.

Your website is the peak of your digital marketing efforts. If it’s slow, broken, or outdated, it will sabotage all your other efforts. Maintaining a website ensures it works well and gives a good user experience which is key to getting sales. Now, before we dive into the what our website maintenance service covers, let’s define it.

What is website maintenance?

Web maintenance is an active process for safeguarding your website. It involves finding and fixing errors that can harm the user experience and performance.

Maintain your website’s content, design, and technical elements. This way, you avoid big problems and keep your online presence healthy.

The total website maintenance service checklist

Taking good care of your website means doing lots of different things to make sure it works well and gives visitors a great experience. Let’s look at the most important areas of website maintenance service

1. Technical maintenance

Keeping your website’s technical aspects running smoothly is critical. It’s important for performance, security, and compatibility.

Platform/software updates

Your website’s CMS, plugins, and themes are always changing. Updates often fix security issues. They also fix bugs and work better with new devices and browsers. Neglecting these updates leaves you vulnerable to performance issues and attacks.

Website performance

Slow loading speeds frustrate visitors. They also drag down your search engine rankings. According to recent studies, a mere one-second delay in page load time could lead to a 7% drop in conversions. So using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to run speed tests and find areas to improve helps keep you on top of things.

Troubleshooting and fixing errors

Fixing errors is like fixing a flat tire on the road. You need to address glitches and hiccups, check for 404 errors (broken links), and also, check for corrupt files and other issues. These problems can interrupt a user’s journey on your site. Broken features = lost customers.

2. Security

Website security is paramount in the age of cyberattacks. A single breach can damage your reputation and incur hefty recovery costs. Our website maintenance service covers:

Vulnerability scans and mitigation

Online tools and security plugins can help you identify potential weaknesses in your website’s code, keeping you one step ahead of malicious actors. Remember, prevention is far cheaper than a cure.

SSL certificate

This is the little padlock symbol in your browser’s address bar. It assures visitors that their data is secure when they interact with your site. Make sure your SSL/TLS certificate is valid and up-to-date. Don’t just protect your data, build trust.

Strong passwords and user permissions

It’s basic but often overlooked. Enforce strong, unique passwords for every user with site access. Limit high-level access to only those who need it. This reduces your risk.

3. Content

Content is what keeps visitors engaged and search engines happy. It’s your chance to inform, educate, and persuade potential customers.

Updates and freshness

Review your content often to ensure vital information (like product descriptions and contact details) stays up-to-date. Adding fresh content can boost your site’s visibility on search engines.


As your business evolves, so should your website. Remove old promotions, irrelevant articles, or anything that no longer fits with your brand. Keep only what delivers value to your visitors.


Data is your friend! Analyze how visitors interact with your content to enhance its impact. Improve readability, use relevant keywords, and make pages flow better to engage more.

4. Backup & disaster recovery

Backups and recovery act as your lifeline when the unexpected strikes. A good plan for website backup and restoration can make the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major business issue.

Backup protocols

Decide how often to back up your site based on how often you add new content or make updates. Daily backups are ideal for busy websites, while weekly or monthly backups might be enough for those with less frequent changes.

Backup methods

Explore backup plugins, services provided by your web hosting company, or even local storage options. Choose a method that’s reliable and fits your budget.

Website maintenance is important, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Some tools can automate many of these tasks, freeing you up to focus on bigger-picture stuff like strategy and growing your business.

Is your website slow and always crashing? Let’s fix it for you

You probably had never considered how important website maintenance is but we hope this article shed some light on it for you.

Think of neglecting website maintenance as willfully letting your expensive marketing investment deteriorate. Don’t get caught in this trap. Consistent, proactive maintenance is the key. It is the difference between a website that’s a liability and one that’s a true asset to your business’s growth.

Remember, a website is rarely “finished.” Commit to a maintenance schedule. Even dedicating an hour or two each week can make a world of difference. If you don’t have the time, resources or expertise, simply fill the form below and Spyderweb will do all the heavy lifting.


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“Tellus leo quis tincidunt quam felis ullamcorper dictum pellentesque. Tortor ultricies nisl sed tortor dictum. Mi convallis ut nulla felis. “

Mark Stone

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